Hillsborough Tragedy Police Witnesses

30 April 2015
Hillsborough Tragedy Police Witnesses

We have been asked, by the Coroner to circulate these pictures of so far unidentified Police Officers that were on duty at the stadium. As a Federation we have and advised all our members to coperate with the current enquiries. These Officers are possible witnesses and were involved with helping the injured/deceased. I include the messages from DCC Andy Holt, and the Operation Resolve team, and reiterate to contact the Resolve Team direct, and not to make comment on anything please.

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Message from Andy Holt 

Hillsborough investigation appeal for witnesses  - further appeal for unidentified police officers 

Last week (23 April 2015) Hillsborough investigators appealed to the public for witnesses that may hold important information as part of the ongoing inquest process for Operation Resolve. 

In addition to these, Operation Resolve has now sent South Yorkshire Police further images that relate only to police officers. These images are also being sent to other forces that provided mutual aid on 15April 1989. 

Please take the time to look through the images to see if you can provide any information that may assist investigators with their enquiries. 

If you have any information that could help, email OpResolveAppeal@gmp.police.ukor call 08000 283 284.

 Understandably, some officers may be affected by viewing the images, although they have been tightly cropped to minimise distressing content. In the first instance, officers can seek support from Occupational Health. There are also a number of organisations which can provide support and advice to those affected by the content. Details can be found by going to the Welfare Page on the Operation Resolve website at operationresolve.co.uk 

Colleagues are reminded not to comment on the investigation, particularly on social media, as they could be deemed to be in contempt of court.

 **The following message is being shared on behalf of Operation Resolve** 

Since 2013, Operation Resolve has been conducting enquiries on behalf of Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner, Sir John Goldring, who is presiding over the new inquests, currently being heard in Warrington.

We have come across a number of images of officers who have assisted casualties, but we have not been able to achieve a positive identification.

We want to talk to these officers as we believe they may have important information that could assist the Coroner and in turn help answer some of the many questions that the families of the 96 still have. It is important to stress that these officers are witnesses and we simply want to talk to them as we believe they can help.

In the first instance, this appeal is being restricted to the police forces, which are known to have had uniform police officers on duty at the Hillsborough stadium on 15 April 1989 as well as the related branches of staff associations and NARPO. A public appeal for some of the officers to be identified may also be carried out.

Please be reminded that officers and retired officers should not to pass comment on either the witness appeal, the inquest process, or the events of 15 April 1989, particularly on social media, as they could be deemed to be in contempt of court. Both Sir John Goldring & the Attorney General’s Office have issued warnings about people passing comment in relation to the matters subject of the inquests, these warnings incorporate the publication of material online.  The guidance can be read by accessing the Operation Resolve website.

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