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The Northern Police Healthcare Scheme - established in 1989 - is a self-financing Scheme set up under a Trust Deed to provide private medical advice and treatment to subscribing members and their dependants. This is a discretionary trust not an insurance scheme.

It is jointly run by trustees drawn from Northumbria and South Yorkshire Police Federations, but it is a totally independent entity.

The main objective of the Scheme is to make the advantages of private medical care available to members at a reasonable cost, representing very good value for money and is cheaper than most other Schemes.

Type Of Member                Under 40yrs               Over 40yrs

Single                                    £29.00                         £34.00

Member & Partner              £58.00                         £67.00

Family                                    £71.00                         £80.00

Single Parent                       £42.00                         £47.00

All Officers and staff from any Police force are eligible to join, as long they also subscribe to their Federation or Trade Union. They can then elect to include their partner and children under the scheme. You can remain in the scheme once retired, but the premiums will be higher.

Here is a short promotional video featuring John Stapleton.

For full details of the costs and how to join go to:

Claim Process

  • Any member wishing to make a claim under the Scheme must initially obtain a Claim Form from the Federation Office on 01661 863491 before seeing their GP. 
  • At the consultation, any necessary diagnostic tests only can be carried out. 
  • Any procedures proposed by the Consultant following the diagnostic tests must be referred to Northumbria Police Federation for prior approval.

Please note that a £50 excess payment is required for any new Claim and must be submitted when returning the GP Referral Form.

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to The Northern Police Healthcare Scheme, or by Bank Transfer (details of which can be obtained by telephoning the Federation Office on 01661 863491).

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The SYPF Team

There are curently 25 members of South Yorkshire Police Federation Joint Branch Board, 22 of whom are workplace representatives who combine their duties as police officers with their voluntary additional work for the Police Federation. Three Joint Branch Board members, the General Secretary, Chairman and Discipline Liaison Officer work as full time representatives at the Federation Office. 

In addition we employ two members of secretarial support staff at the Federation Office, who not only look after administration matters but also give telephone advice on a range of issues from Member Service Schemes to Police Regulations. 

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