Former Officer Regulations, Barred & Advisory List

As of 15th December 2017 these regulations were enacted to replace the previous regulation 10a restriction upon retirement. The Act-link below-underpins these & future changes to police conduct.

In brief, officers investigated for a matter which could result in dismissal may retire or resign, but the investigation will continue. The officer will however be temporarily placed on the College of Policing advisory list-this makes it unlikely an officer can rejoin a policing organisation in any capacity.

If an officer has already resigned or retired, an investigation may commence. If the matter could have resulted in dismissal, the former officer will be temporarily placed on the advisory list.

On conclusion of an investigation misconduct procedings may commence where the assessment of gross misconduct remains . If the conlucion of the panel is that the former officer would have been dismissed, the individual will be placed on the College of Policing Barred list. This makes it impossible for the former officer to be employed or remain employed by a policing organisation in any capacity.

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There are curently 25 members of South Yorkshire Police Federation Joint Branch Board, 22 of whom are workplace representatives who combine their duties as police officers with their voluntary additional work for the Police Federation. Three Joint Branch Board members, the General Secretary, Chairman and Discipline Liaison Officer work as full time representatives at the Federation Office. 

In addition we employ two members of secretarial support staff at the Federation Office, who not only look after administration matters but also give telephone advice on a range of issues from Member Service Schemes to Police Regulations. 

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