Kate Wheatley

Having recently retired from the Police Service, I am well aware of the increasing pressures placed upon each and every member of the force. Stress effects not only the mind but also the body and if left to build can have an unhealthy outcome.

Since retirement, I have embarked on a Clinical Sports Injury and Remedial therapy course and am now qualified at BTEC  level. The therapies offered are not restricted solely to Sports Injuries. Many of the techniques used during a treatment have a relaxing and calming effect whilst at the same time dealing with muscle imbalances and nerve trigger points brought on by stress. These issues if left untreated  can have a negative effect  psychologically as well as physically.

A relaxation/maintenance massage once a month is highly  recommended to maintain the bodies equilibrium and keep the body working to its optimum.

I am offering a 20% discount on all treatments to any South Yorkshire Police Employee 

Please  contact me on 07595020538. 

Kate Wheatley

The SYPF Team

There are curently 25 members of South Yorkshire Police Federation Joint Branch Board, 22 of whom are workplace representatives who combine their duties as police officers with their voluntary additional work for the Police Federation. Three Joint Branch Board members, the General Secretary, Chairman and Discipline Liaison Officer work as full time representatives at the Federation Office. 

In addition we employ two members of secretarial support staff at the Federation Office, who not only look after administration matters but also give telephone advice on a range of issues from Member Service Schemes to Police Regulations. 

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