Group Insurance Scheme

Here is some clarity on the Health Warranty of the travel insurance.

All travel insurance policies include a medical declaration and the vast majority of retail travel insurance products have a much tighter warranty than is found on the group travel scheme for South Yorkshire. It is standard for insurance policies to exclude any and all pre-existing medical conditions unless these are declared to a medical screening company and an additional premium paid.  This is not the case with the South Yorkshire Group Scheme.

The intention is for the travel insurance to cover circumstances that are unexpected and could not be anticipated to give rise to a claim. For instance at the time of booking a trip or taking out the insurance the member should consider the points 1-6 in the box on the policy schedule. If they can comply with these they will be covered. For instance, if the member has a controlled and established medical condition such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes or even a Cardiac or Respiratory condition and is not on a waiting list for surgery they will be covered and do not need to contact us.

The questions are purposefully phrased to reflect this and they are carefully worded in order to clarify what is covered prior to a claim arising. Where a member is aware that their medical condition is at an advanced stage or is in need of inpatient treatment or surgery or investigation or where the insured has electively decided not to manage their condition in accordance with clinical recommendations, then cover would be excluded. It is only in these circumstances that the condition cannot be covered. It is not a requirement to advise Voyager, however our contact number is included on the documentation should members have any questions.

Some examples may help you understand this more effectively:

If at the time of making the holiday booking you have a heart condition that is being treated with medication and regular reviews by a cardiologist then provided that you can comply with the points 1-6 above full cover will exist. If however you have a heart condition for which you are awaiting a triple heart bypass operation then cover for medical expenses or cancellation cover directly or indirectly related to this condition would be excluded. Obviously once the operation has been successfully completed and the patient has been signed off, full cover will apply.

If a member books a holiday in the knowledge that they are on a waiting list for a hip operation or kidney transplant then again it would mean that they would not be covered for any claims directly or indirectly related to those conditions, as it was something that they were aware of at the time of booking. If, however, at the time of booking the holiday or taking out the travel insurance the member can comply with the points above, but at a later stage prior to departure they experience a serious change in health such as a heart attack or contracting cancer that needs urgent attention, then they should notify Insurers by contacting Voyager as detailed above. This will ensure that you can be made aware of exactly what they are covered for. In these instances, dependent on their specific circumstances, that we can confirm that they would be covered to continue with the trip or it may be necessary to cancel the trip until such time as they can receive the necessary treatment. By contacting Voyager at this stage travellers/members receive the appropriate information of where they stand and there are no surprises. To simply state that a condition may or may not be covered dependent on whether or not it could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim is no longer appropriate under the FCA guidelines or the Consumer Insurance Act.

In addition to mid-term changes to the health of the member or the member’s travelling companions, Voyager can be contacted for advice on the health of non-travelling relatives on whom the travel plans depend. The contact number is included in the wording so that members can clarify in advance what is covered and what is not. 

Group Insurance Scheme

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