Police Money Matters (PMM) was founded to solely address the retirement needs of the Police Family.

PMM has developed an excellent reputation and level of trust within the Police Family throughout the UK. Through its long-standing police links and delivery of outstanding service, PMM is endorsed by:

  • Police Federation England & Wales (PFEW) Inspectors'
    Central Committee
  • PFEW Sergeants' Central Committee
  • PFEW National Detectives Forum
  • PFEW National Reserve Seat
  • Police Federation Northern Ireland
  • Scottish Police Federation
  • RUC Sports Athletic Association
  • Scotland Police Recreation Association
  • Civil & Nuclear Welfare Ltd

Our aim is to ease officers into retirement by enabling them to effectively go from a full salary to a 'half salary' without changing their lifestyles from the point of retirement, up to state pension and beyond.

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Adam Mitchell - Bespoke Financial Advice For Police Officers.

Do you need financial planning advice? Are you approaching Retirement,or perhaps already retired? Would you like a calm,unrushed,no obligation meeting to discuss your options?

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Adam Mitchell CertPFS is a local Financial Adviser who has specialised in Investment Advice for over 20 years.




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The SYPF Team

There are curently 25 members of South Yorkshire Police Federation Joint Branch Board, 22 of whom are workplace representatives who combine their duties as police officers with their voluntary additional work for the Police Federation. Three Joint Branch Board members, the General Secretary, Chairman and Discipline Liaison Officer work as full time representatives at the Federation Office. 

In addition we employ two members of secretarial support staff at the Federation Office, who not only look after administration matters but also give telephone advice on a range of issues from Member Service Schemes to Police Regulations. 

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